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Disaster Science 

Disaster Science

This project is brought to you by the Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management. Sponsored by Chair of ICPEM Sarah Schubert and delivered by Co-Chairs:

  • Stephanie Buller BSc MRes MICPEM

  • Professor David Alexander

The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) makes the following recommendations. 

  • Encourage the use of science to demonstrate that it can inform policy and practice

  • Use a problem-solving approach to research that integrates all hazards and disciplines

  • Promote knowledge into action

  • Science should be key to the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction).

  • Watch this space

Watch this space for ResilientNation[UK] and our 

Future Disaster Science project updates. 


Watch  The Missing Link: The Need for Disaster Science

Disaster Science and the Emergency of a Discipline (Alexander, 2022)

Disaster Science Task Force Position Paper (Buller & Alexander, 2022)

2022 Haldane Lecture "The role of science in national and international emergencies."

Why we need a more #Resilient nation (Buller, 2022)

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