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Get Involved

ICPEM is an active organisation. We have lots of opportunities for our members to get involved. 

Research Groups 

  • Disaster Science - driving an evidence based paradigm shift 

  • Disaster Futures - foresight and horizon scanning for improved strategic decision making

  • Space & Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) - exploring resilience to earthbound hazards from outer space and the opportunities to use satellites for improved terrestrial DRR

  • Military - sector specific research and development

  • Historical - capturing lessons learned 

  • Blue Lights - sector specific research and developments

  • International - lessons to be identified, shared, discussed and learned 


We often respond to Consultations and Public Inquiries.  Opportunities to contribute are currently distributed to members by email.


  • Implementing Manchester Arena Inquiry Recommendation R47 - response workshops OPEN

  • Global Methodology for Infrastructure Resilience Review CLOSED

  • JESIP-led industry collaboration on a nationally agreed format for all emergency plans (UK) CLOSED

  • Bank of England and HM Treasury 'Digital Pound' CLOSED

  • Covid-19 Public Inquiry Witness Statement CLOSED

  • UNDRR Handbook for the Implementation of the Principles for Resilient Infrastructure CLOSED


Please see the publication pages for details on how to get contribute to our blog, Alert and Communique.



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