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Doc Hines - Covid News & Views - 18 June 2021

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Over 1 million tests for Covid have been done in each of the last two days, with 11,007 being positive yesterday and 10,476 today.

An almost equal number of people have been admitted to hospital in the last 2 days with a total of 443. Hospital beds are occupied by 1,251 people and 210 are now being treated on a ventilator. These figures are continuing to rise slowly.

The number of deaths also continues to rise slowly with 72 in the last 7 days and 11 today.

I do not think there is any significance in the apparent drop in the number of new cases. This is probably down to issues like the weather and those bothering to get tested. There will be a weekend effect as well, but I fear by next Tuesday this will still be on the rise again.

The number of vaccines given continues to rise, but if we are to give 10 million in the next 4 weeks we have to really still try harder. 42.46 million 1st jabs have been done and 30.89 million 2nd doses.

In England bicycle sales have risen by 22% in 2020 compared with 2019 and are reported to be high again so far this year. 3.3 million cycles were sold last year. It is thought the increased sales is due to the Covid pandemic rather than a strong desire to get fit. It remains to be seen how much benefit there is particularly in built up areas where traffic pollution probably causes more harm than benefit for the cyclists.

Spain has joined France, Austria, Germany, and Italy in requiring Brits arriving in their country to have 5 days isolation and then a lateral flow test.

Scotland have also placed severe restrictions from next Monday for Scots travelling from Scotland to the Manchester and Salford areas as well as Bolton and Blackburn with Darwen. I am not sure how that can easily be supervised. From what I have seen of the crowds arriving in London ahead of tonight’s football match, it does not bode well. The Met Police have already got a dispersal order in place. How much notice of their First Minister would the Scottish football supporters take if given instructions now to stay away from London unless they have a valid ticket. I do hope it does not turn violent.

Moscow has reported over 9,000 new cases in 24 hours last Friday.

The Covid pandemic stopped the traditional French greeting of a kiss on both cheeks. But President Macron returned to the traditional way of greeting a World War 2 veteran. The president, who has had both Covid and his two jabs, greeted a mask-less veteran. A year ago it was considered the kiss of death, but now seems set to return. I fear this is too early for this practice to become popular again.

In another situation the British Government are under immense pressure with football’s governing bodies who want to allow 2,500 VIPs and officials to fly into the UK to attend the Europa Cup final at Wembley without the need for self- quarantine. They are threatening to take the match away from England if it is not resolved. There will be many frustrated holiday makers if they are allowed to do this.

The situation for us remains the same, to stay safe, and see the end of this pandemic should be our objective. You know now to get both vaccines which are available to everybody over the age of 18. Continue to avoid crowded places especially indoors. Wear masks when shopping or on public transport and keep 2 metres apart whenever possible

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