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John Lawal

Librarian & Archivist

John was a London Borough Emergency Planning Officer for 15 years, during which he was also the Chair of the North East London Emergency Planning Group (NELEPG) and Chair of his Council’s Corporate Security Group. He was also one of the out-of-hours Duty Emergency Response Officers, responding to all types of emergencies arising in the Borough. A high point of his career was being selected to represent the London Emergency Planning Officers on a visit to Buckingham Palace where he met Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the royal family.

He is one of the longest serving members within the civil defence/civil protection community, having joined the Institute of Civil Defence (ICD) in the late 1970s, which subsequently changed its name to the Institute of Civil Defence and Disaster Studies (ICDDS). He was for a period the Honorary General Secretary of this organisation. He was made a Founding Honorary Fellow on the formation of the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management (ICPEM) for his services to ICDDS. He is also a member of the Emergency Planning Society (EPS), the British Association of Public Communication Officers (BAPCO), the British Association of Immediate Care (BASICS).

John was instrumental in saving all the records and material built up over the years by ICDDS when it had to leave its City of London venue some years ago. Since its founding in 2009, John has also been collating records and material relating to the new organisation as a result of which he now manages a substantive archive dating back to the Second World War and after.

John Lawal