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Volunteer with Us

All across the world ICPEM's team of volunteers come together to work to champion and promote excellence in civil protection and emergency management. 

We welcome volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines and sectors. We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities with varying levels of commitment, so you can get involved as little or as much as you'd like. 

With your expertise you will contribute to a growing, strong, vibrant team who are bringing fresh ideas and energy to making the Institute an exciting place to be. 

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Executive Council 


Responsible for ensuring that the financial affairs of the Institute are run in accordance with our Constitution, the Treasurer prepares budgets, maintains financial records and administers statutory requirements as set out by the Charity Commission. To find out more about the role please contact the current Treasurer, Paul Collard.

Vice Chair External 

The Vice Chair functions in the Executive Council to ensures the smooth running of the external activities of the Institute. Please contact Frank Long, General Secretary, to discuss.

Executive Council

If you'd like to explore how you can get involved, please speak to Frank Long to discuss.

Regional Ambassadors

We're growing our global presence.

Young Members Director and Student Ambassadors

We're developing a number of opportunities and initiatives. 

Events Director and Team Members

Our events are an important way that we can share information and network. If you enjoy organising virtual and in person events from our annual conference to monthly 'Crisis Hours' do get in touch.

Special Interest Groups

Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a core part of ICPEM's activities.  We are seeking:

  • Coordinator(s) to support each Chair to lead and drive activity

  • SIG Newsletter publishers to bring together the outputs from the groups in an accessible format to share with members and interested parties.

Finance Team

To support ICPEM's ambitious plans for growth we're keen to recruit fundraisers to support us on this journey.  

Social Media Officers

With all our great activity and so much to talk about in the field of civil protection and emergency management we're keen to share and raise awareness. Speak to Mollie Mathurin our Communications Director to find out more.


Special Projects

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Disaster Science Task Force

We recognise that there is an urgent global need to create a common operating picture with a view to better understanding how disaster science informs policy and practice across the global scale. We intend to use this to drive a paradigm shift to better integrate disaster science into policy and practice.

If you'd like to get involved please reach out to Stephanie Buller, Co-Chair Disaster Science Task Force

Future Glitch

Disaster Futures 

Preparedness and DRR requires anticipation of future events and disasters. We are developing an exciting new stream exploring disaster futures using foresight and horizon scanning techniques.


If you'd like to be involved, watch this space!  



We're always keen to share news, knowledge, opinions and thought pieces from all areas relating to civil protection and emergency management. 

Please reach out to with your ideas and contributions. 

Special Projects

The Institute's Journal - Alert  

Alert is a professional journal which is published 3 times a year.  You can read the latest edition here. We have the following opportunities available: 

Please contact Lucie Cockerill, our Managing Editor, to discuss these and other opportunities to get involved.

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