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Doc Hines - Covid Summary - 19 May 2021

The situation seems to be stable in the UK. In India figures remain very high but also might be easing. For many places we have no clear information. We need to continue with high doses of caution, for the moment alarm bells can stay silent but things could easily change at short notice.

The numbers of people being tested each day seems to be consistently below 100k now whereas the number being found positive, also remains steady at around 2,500 per day. 2,696 were positive in the last 24 hours. The positivity rate remains stable at 22 per 100k The number dying have dropped right down to single figures each day now. There were only three in the last 24 hours, and only 54 in the last week. The number of patients in hospital is steady, it is now below 1000. There has been a very slight rise of 7 since yesterday. I hope this is a blip but a rise of 7 from 932 to 939 is hardly significant unless a new trend is just starting. The number reported admitted in one day was 116 yesterday, compared with 89 reported today. The use of ventilators continues to slowly reduce, Only 124 are on a ventilator tonight. There are of course two reasons for coming off a ventilator, the first is because you are recovering and no longer need it or secondly, you have died despite its use. It is estimated that there is a new paper published somewhere every 3 minutes about Covid. It is difficult to read them all even if only looking at those published in English in the UK. What is clear now from numerous studies is that with the OAZ vaccine 96% of individuals develop antibodies after the 1st jab and over 995 have them after the second jab. This is very similar to the figures found for the Pfizer vaccine. Bolton is the town in the UK with the highest concentration of cases, now in excess of 300 cases per 100k of the population. It is also true that the transmissibility in Bolton is very high. Greater Manchester generally is reporting above average number of cases. Those of us in the rest of the UK should avoid travelling to hotspots unless absolutely necessary. Out in Shetland an illegal indoor party last week resulted in 6 people including several off-duty police officers receiving fixed penalty fines for an illegal gathering. Anyone age over 36 by the 1st of July is now entitled to apply for an immunisation. Please make sure you do it. If you have missed a dose, please make arrangements to get one. We seem to be winning this battle. Many studies are showing that the people being infected now are largely but not exclusively those who are reluctant to be vaccinated or too young to have had a dose yet. The variants are quiet, we have not seen any furthermore virulent mutations which is most fortunate but could appear at any time and catch us out. So stay cautious at all times be caring and compassionate to others cover the mouth when in public places unless eating and drinking at a table. Remember you do not have to relax the rules, if you are not ready to or have no need to. Stay safe.

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