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Doc Hines - Covid Summary - 7 June 2021

Scanning the various news feeds suggests that the Covid 19 pandemic is attracting less interest than usual with very little to write about.

One incident yesterday is worthy of a mention. An immunisation centre in Walthamstow had to be evacuated as well neighbouring buildings and homes when they received a bomb threat. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, possibly a hoax. What was the motive? Probably just to cause temporary chaos, confusion and fear. I have no inside knowledge, but I rather doubt this was a true terrorist threat, more likely a stupid prank.

Immunising the over 25s should have started today in England according to Matt Hancock. In a further attempt to get every adult fully immunised, those who are now over 40 and have had a first dose will be given a revised date for their second dose with only a 4-week gap.

The latest figures show 76% of adults have now had the first vaccine dose and 51.6% have had a second.

Decisions are to be made this week on whether to immunise children, as the vaccine is now approved (Pfizer and Moderna) for those over 12. I am very interested in your response to this. How will you manage an invitation for your 12 year old to have the jab? Would you react differently if they are 17? How much notice will you take of your child’s opinion? How much will peer pressure influence you? What about the attitude of the school, or the attitude of sports and swimming clubs who could decline youngsters to attend without evidence of immunisation?

Please write just a one line about your thoughts on this I really need enough comments to make a straw poll reliable. Even if you usually never comment please do this once.

There is absolutely no doubt that the number of new cases is growing exponentially. The number of new cases is 52.9% higher than a week ago. Every day there are around 5,500 new cases, the national rate is rising and is now 42.1 cases per 100,000 of the population.

Today the number of tests done has risen to the levels of two weeks ago. Instead of 800,000 we are back to 1.2 million. It must have been the school half term that lowered the numbers with the children not doing a lateral flow test while at home on holiday.

It is very disappointing that hospital data has not been reported since last Friday’s figures. The figures are as the PM said still quite incongruous. Why are hospital admissions and critical patients only showing a minimal rise? There was only 1 death in the last twenty-four hours. With the data showing 932 in hospital om 3rd June, 154 admitted on 1st June and 134 being on a ventilator on 3rd June.

We do not know a precise breakdown, but we are told most of the new cases are in youngsters not yet immunised or in older people who have not got round to it or are hesitant. We also know that the Delta or Indian variant is the predominate strain at present. This is estimated to be up to 40% more virulent or infectious than the standard Covid 19 virus.

There is absolutely no indication of the increasing cases affecting hospital admissions, but this could change suddenly. At this point in time the NHS seems safe from being overwhelmed.

So what should the Government do about the final release on lockdown which is due very soon? Again, let me have an answer from you. If you have not got home from Portugal before 4am, do tell us of your experiences trying to get home and now trying to self isolate.

I will not be changing anything , certainly not trying to go abroad, in retirement life has become a limited holiday. It can stay that way for a while longer. The current cases seem less severe than previously but remember a new mutant is always in the wings waiting to pounce. We are preparing booster vaccines to counter some of the current variants but its hit and miss still. If we can achieve 95% immunity by immunisation, this is our greatest chance. So please get everyone to have the vaccine. There are very, very few genuine reasons for not having it. Can’t be bothered or scared of needles is not one of them. Please go on staying safe.

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