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Award of Excellence

This annual award recognises significant contributions in the field of civil protection and emergency management in keeping with the aims and objectives of the Institute.

The ICPEM Executive Council is delighted to award Virginia Murray the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management’s Award of Excellence.

This annual award was established to recognise significant contributions in the field of civil protection and emergency management. Nominations for the award may be based on contributions to the field including research activity and publications, programme and policy advancement or
professional development of the field.
We recognise that throughout Virginia’s career, she has worked tirelessly to further disaster risk reduction and have a long and distinguished career in the academic field and in public service. Her award has been given on the basis of her work:


The passion, sincerity and sense of mission in her lectures have inspired audiences of decision makers, practitioners, academics and students all over the world. There is no doubting her eminence. 


Virgnia Murray.jpeg

Professor Virginia Murray

Criteria for Evaluating Nominations

A nomination will be considered eligible for this award on the basis if the awards committee are satisfied it meets the following criteria:

  1. The nominator presents a clear written statement, in no more than 400 words, supporting the view that the work of the nominee fulfils the mission, vision and objectives of the ICPEM wholly or in part.

  2. The nomination includes appropriate references/evidence in support of the statement.

  3. The nominee is NOT a member of the Awards Committee.

  4. The nomination must be received by the Membership Secretary by 31 December of the year in which the award is being made, i.e. if it is for 2023, it must be received by 31 December 2023.

Guidelines for the Award

The Executive Council of shall act as Awards Committee and will consider nominations for the award on an annual basis.

Nominations for the award may be based on contributions to the field in various forms, including research activity/publications, programme and policy advancement and/or professional development of the field.


The form of contribution is deliberately non-prescriptive in recognition of the fact that contributions to this field may vary while still meeting the broad intentions of the award.

In order to be considered for an award a nominee's work must be evidenced through a written nomination.

  • Nominators and nominees need not be members of the Institute.

  • The awards committee can itself generate nominations as well as obtaining them in whatever way it deems feasible from the broader emergency management community

  • Anyone wishing to be considered as a nominee themselves must be supported by a formal nominator

  • Members of the Awards Committee may not be considered for the Award during their time of office

  • A nominee considered one year but not given the award is eligible in future years

  • There will be no more than one award a year.

  • While possible nominees are to be considered every year, no award need be made if the Committee decide that none of the nominations in any given year meet the established criteria.

Previous Years' Winners

2022    TBC

2021     Professor Virginia Murray

2020    Dr Ken Hines and Tony Thompson

2019     Not presented

2018     Matt Sullivan

2017     Not presented

2016     Not presented

2015     Alan Clark

2014    Sarah Alcock

2013     Oliver Stallworthy

2012     Roger Young

2011      Dr Walter Ammann and Peter Jefferson

2010     Tony Moore and Bill Blake

2009    Not presented

2008    Tony Thompson

2007    Anne Eyre

2006    Muriel McClenahan OBE

2005    Steve Gregory

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