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2022 Conference Season Reflections

Over the past month I have had the privilege of attending numerous conference events; · The International security expo and the Risk & Resilience conference, · The Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management (ICPEM) – From response to recovery conference, · The CORE Horizon 2020 webinar: Designing an inclusive resilience: the consideration of vulnerability before, during & after disasters” and, · The Annual Resilience Congress 2022 by the Resilience Association Lots of people ask is it really worth attending all of these events. YES. Emphatically yes. Discovery, learning, networking, engagement and new innovative opportunities are in abundance through such events. New insights and reflections from other people’s experiences that I can translate into my own craft and practice, my differing roles and responsibilities. If I had to choose which was best? I couldn’t. They were all equally worthy of their own merit with their own unique remits. Collectively, conference season does so much to disseminate good practice, new learnings, insights and reflections among practitioners, from a range of sectors, organisations and practitioners. Providing a more holistic strategic overview of macro, micro, internal and external issues, challenges, barriers and opportunities across the theoretical and practical landscape. All with differing remits, but equal relevance and importance to the bigger picture of how we build a more #ResilientNation I have over 100 pages of notes from various conferences nearly all typed up now. New insight and learning that can be disseminated and integrated into new ways of working.

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