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Doc Hines - Covid News & Views - 11 Apr 2022

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Sixteen thousand four hundred and thirty-eight people were admitted to hospital with Covid in the last 7 days, just 33 more than the previous seven days. On the 8th April there were 20,051 people in hospital, nearly 300 less than last Friday. And over 500 less than a week ago. I wonder what the average number of patients admitted to hospital in a week in mid- April is?

In contrast the number of deaths recorded in the last week is 1,613. This is over 500 more than the figure for a week ago and means well over 200 deaths per day at present.

Various other studies suggest about 1 in 13 of the UK population currently have Covid. The numbers of cases have risen recently but at a much lower level, so have the numbers being admitted to hospital although these are at least plateaued and beginning to fall. The number of deaths however is a grim reminder it’s not over yet. I am optimistic that deaths will plateau around Easter.

Looking at the immunisation figures, all 3 figures, for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd jabs have risen by 0.1%. Ninety two percent now have managed at least one. This remains the most important thing you can do to protect both yourself and others.

The NHS is pointing out that action needs to be taken by everyone to try and protect our NHS. The pressures are back on again in a big way. One of the UK’s busiest care of the elderly unit has 50% of its consultant staff unfit for work at present. The staff have made very little headway tackling the backlog of patients. The NHS proposals are that everyone avoids indoor gatherings over the Easter holidays and to continue to wear masks in crowded places. I hope most of you will fully endorse the recommendations and continue with them for the time being.

The UK is still on the Red list for Cyprus at present meaning you are not able to travel. This will change on the 18th April. After that date a pre departure test will take place if not immunised. If fully immunised just a PCR test on arrival is required. No masks are needed from today if outdoors.

You will not be allowed into Spain over Easter unless you can prove you are fully immunised.

If you are heading to the continent via the tunnel or ferries, I do hope you will not get stuck in the long delays on the motorways heading to Dover and Folkestone. Official advice is to allow a great deal of extra time for the journey and ensure you take adequate food and drink.

It was warned over the weekend that there may be a significant shortage of sunflower oil due to a variety of factors. There was none on the shelves in Tesco today, but I did see a lady with about 20 5 litre containers full in her shopping trolly. I did wonder if she was running her car on it! it reminded me of a late mother-in-law who some years ago was told there was to be a shortage of pepper. She must have brought a hundred containers of it. We were still trying to get rid of it long after she died. We should all know by now panic buying only ever makes a situation worse. Please only fill your car and 2 legal cans of fuel when you would do normally.

Relax and enjoy the warmer weather. If you are immunised, you can feel safe outdoors. If not just get a jab, it’s not too late. Respect the NHS requests that you avoid indoor parties and if possible, wear your masks still in crowded places like shops and public transport.

Please all continue to be sensible and stay safe.

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