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Doc Hines - Covid News & Views - 11th August 2021

Scanning the news pages on the internet there is barely a mention of the Covid pandemic. It’s hard to believe we still have a major problem in the world, the statistics show a steady-state which never attracts much interest as there is no cause for alarm or rejoicing.

Daily testing has dropped to below 750k now with 728k yesterday and 748k today. Of these the numbers being positive were 23,510 yesterday and 29,612 today. There has been a small 6.5% rise in the last 7days. It is not clear if this is significant, no trend is being established.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays always have the highest figures for deaths reported, 146 yesterday and 101 today. There has been a slow steady rise in the number of deaths. Over the last 7 days it has risen by 6.5%. The death rate in the pandemic remains at 0.8/100k of the population.

Hospital data is back again. The numbers admitted on one day are 755 on 6th August and 712 on 7th August. 504 less patients were admitted in the last week, a drop of 8.6%. On 9th August 5,909 were in hospital beds and the next day there were only 3 more. The figures for ventilator use show a rise from 859 on 9th August to 874 yesterday. This does follow the expected pattern of admissions beginning to fall, but not yet as far a seriously ill and deaths are concerned. With immunisations we continue to chip away, boosting numbers daily. 37.51M 1st doses are now given, that is 89.1%. 2nd doses are now 39.83Million or 75.3%.

The Home Secretary has today confirmed booster vaccines will commence next month and plans are being prepared. The JVCI is working out details and as soon as they are ready they will be announced. It is expected that boosters will be given in the same order as the 1st doses with those over 75 and the very vulnerable being given first.

It goes without saying that when offered you should all have a booster. The side effects should diminish with each booster so very few should have any problems. Do not forget your flu vac as well next month.

So, a short report for a change today, back with more information on Friday.

Meanwhile, share your concerns and experiences and follow the rules you know off by heart now. Above all stay safe.

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