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Doc Hines - Covid News & Views - 22 Apr 2022

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The situation generally continues to improve here in the UK, but there is at least one anomaly in the data released today to try and explain.

Testing seems to have started increasing again. This may be work related, but it is encouraging to see. Consequently, there have been 10,000 more positive tests in the last week which is 11,000 less than on the Thursday before Easter. Because testing has formerly been stopped this is no longer a good indicator. The Evening Standard reports without giving a source, that for both the last two days there have been less than 20,000 new cases. They suggest the number of new cases today was 19,795.

The number admitted to hospital in the week ending 15th April was 13,762. This is 2,271 less than admitted to hospital on the week ending 8th April. The number of patients in hospital beds yesterday was 16,447 less than 2 days ago by well over 1,000. The number on a ventilator stays at 339 yesterday, just 3 more than on Wednesday.

It is the figure for deaths which seems to be anomalous. I suspect the data is still catching up after Easter. Just before Easter the death figure was recorded at almost 2,000 in a week. It dropped to 1,340 in the week ending Wednesday but has risen again to 1,956 for the last week. The death rate is now 2.4 per 100,000 of the population.

With the immunisation figures the first and third doses remain unchanged but there is a 0.1% rise in the number of second doses given , now 86.4%. Just today I have had my invitation for a fourth dose and will be having that next week.

Unsourced data from the Evening Standard suggests there were 16,332 new cases in London last week.

The situation in Shanghai gets more and more bizarre. It is now reported that people are having alarms fitted to their homes to alert the authorities to show that someone has left the home when going out is banned. It would not surprise me if compulsory tagging is required next.

A person has recently died from Covid after having been ill and tested positive for 505 days. They were severely immune compromised. An apparent world record. Most people are testing negative before just 10 days.

I am not being alarmist but wanted to draw your attention to a new form of hepatitis occurring in children in the UK. So far 108 cases have been reported in the UK but now 9 have been found in Alabama in the US and 4 more cases in Europe. There are normally 5 kinds of viral hepatitis seen in the UK and known as A,B,C,D, and E. These new cases are testing negative for all 5 viruses. Some children have been very ill and 8 have needed liver transplants, which is very rarely necessary in children. The research is considerable and the current theory is that it may be due to an adenovirus. Adenoviruses usually cause colds and sore throats. What is now certain is that this is Not being caused by the Covid Vaccine. Just to help you be aware the usual signs of hepatitis are very dark urine, a pale yellow tinge to the skin and the white of the eyes often with some disturbance of the bowels . Should you see this in a child please get them reviewed by a doctor urgently.

Those of you interested in the economics of the pandemic might be interested to know that the tax payer is out of pocket to the tine of £375 million for the Covid quarantine hotels. Only 1 in 50 people accommodated in the hotels were ever testing positive after the 10 day stay. Do you think that was justifiable expense to keep our borders safe? This will have to be considered by the Public Enquiry in due course.

Meanwhile remember things are easing but its not over yet. Stay sensible, think of others and stay safe.

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