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Doc Hines - Covid News & Views - 25 Apr 2022

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The data being provided is becoming more difficult to interpret again. As an example, because of changes with the way Public Health Wales collects its data the figures for daily vaccinations in Wales are not included in the weekly UK figure. There are still about 2.25 million tests being done each day, with a small upward trend in the last week. On the other hand, the number testing positive, having also been falling slowly, has risen again in the last two days. There were 230,702 tests positive in the last 7 days.

There has not been an update on the number admitted in 7 days since the week ending 15th April when it was 13,782. On the 22ndApril there were 15,882 patients in hospital with Covid and 326 of those were on a ventilator. Three weeks ago, this figure was over 20,000 in hospital and 350 on a ventilator.

Putting this simply although there is a small rise again in the number of cases being tested positive the number needing a hospital bed has dropped. The numbers requiring ventilation has not dropped significantly.

Turning now to deaths, we have just seen the highest weekly figure for some time 2,297 were recorded in the week ending today. The death rate had been rising steadily but dropped dramatically over Easter only to begin to rise again. The death rate is now 2.2/100k of the population. I suspect because it’s the recording of deaths that are counted, not the date of the actual death and fewer deaths were recorded over the holiday.

Vaccinations continue to be the most important preventive measure. The number of first jabs have risen to 92.4% and third jabs also are up by 0.1%. Remember that represent 100,000 people.

Significant surge of new cases in the state of New York is reported. The CDC in the US is again urging people to wear face masks indoors in the 23 counties worst affected. There has been a 37% rise in new cases this week and a 24% rise in hospital admissions there were 49,500 new cases in the week ending yesterday .

In Beijing there have been a lot of panic buying following a rise in new cases and a fear they would be treated like those in Shanghai. Shortages of food and goods now are almost inevitable. The latest developments in Shanghai are almost unbelievable. There are reports that overnight police erected a large amount of green fencing and erected it around homes to prevent the occupants from leaving their home. There are media pictures said to confirm this claim. There must now be a great risk from deaths in housefires if people have no way to leave their homes.

Don’t forget the wonderful support on “covid for kids”. Please refer any child you know to this brilliant source of help and education which is proving very popular.

Life is still significantly disrupted by Covid I am concerned that my medical colleagues are still finding it hard to see their patients, this is having a knock on effect in the Ambulance Service and the hospitals I spent nearly an hour on the phone today trying to access some advice from a town tall, a complete waste of time.

Because the currents strains are milder, we can continue to relax as cases are generally less serious. Please feel you can go on relaxing and taking things more easily. Common sense, a face mask and knowing how long 2 metres is, together with 3-4 jabs are all that is required. Please all stay safe.

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