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Making 'Whole of Society' Everyone’s Business

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

This is a fantastic article by Andy Towler for the National Preparedness Commission and certainly worth a read. Andy was a colleague of mine when we worked together on the Independent Review of the Civil Contingencies Act. In this timely and reflective article Andy flags some huge concerns I’m sure many of us share, around how do we move the conversation forwards from risk to prevention and preparedness and what actions can we take to process whole of society resilience. I find this quite timely when thinking over all of what has been discussed at the National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+] conference this week around how to locally deliver and act on those national ambitions for resilience. Andy really strikes a chord here ending with the final questions of - “What have we learned about the consequences and how we might mitigate these in the future, across our whole society?” In short, “What can the UK now gain from so much tragic loss?”. Thank you for this thought provoking piece Andy Towler

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