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National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+] - Part 3

Workshop & Panel

Day 1: Afternoon Panel discussion with group workshop chairs

Panel session chairs workshops 1-6 Melvin Hartley CF Robyn Knox MBE, Róisín Jordan, Hannah Tankard, Andrew McClelland and Lesley Speedie

I had the absolute joy of being able to attend session 2 chaired by Robyn Knox MBE who led our group through a workshop on how could we reach and align partners for societal resilience focusing on three key questions; (1) who, (2) how, (3) methods (SWOT).

This workshop was then followed by chairs coming back to present the headlines from their respective sessions.

The most common themes being:

  1. Communications

  2. Awareness

  3. Change culture

  4. Public Education

  5. Leadership

The headline notes: For resilience to be a vertical, horizontal, internal and external initiative. Embedded long-term into BAU within a broader interconnected, collective multidisciplinary approach.

  • The pervasive challenge of discourse and the need for multidisciplinary interoperable working definitions.

  • The need for baseline analysis and measurements to drive the tangible and intangible evidence base and business case.

  • How to utilise gatekeepers and levers effectively through effective community mapping, participatory community based engagement techniques.

  • The role of training, exercising and learning as a whole of society endeavour and facilitating participation and empowering partners and communities.

  • How we can repurpose existing structures and mechanisms. The role of the business sector in all aspects and the many layers of the VC&F alongside the untapped resources and opportunities of these partners.

  • The barrier between science, policy and practise and the role of academia and knowledge dissemination and the need for novel engagement methods beyond peer reviewed journals

  • The SWOT of data and its increasing importance and limitations.

  • Communication with the public the role of national Vs local, contextualisation and relevance to facilitate the uptake of self protective behaviours. Making me think back to my favourite guide - crisis comms a behavioural approach by the Government Communication Service.

  • The need for a coordinated and coherent approach to public education on matters of individual and public resilience across the spectrum from cradle to grave.

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