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National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+] - Part 8

The role of NCSR+ in supporting local delivery of the national ambition set out in the UKGRF

When the integrated review came out it was a blank starting point. The first question was; What are we trying to achieve and how

- Shared understanding of civil contingencies and local risks for local people

- Prevention not cure

- Whole of society and broadening that partnership approach

This aligned well to the UKGRF providing assurance that we’re singing off the same hymn sheet.

NCSR Shares best practise through webinars and discussion groups. Spotlighting innovations, diverse contexts and complex challenges.

NCSR case studies, shares knowledge enabling us to learn from what does, and doesn’t work. Explore approaches across contexts with unique opportunities and challenges.

NCSR is. platform and repository for this sharing and learning. A great resource for LRFs through that early conceptualisation of societal resilience.

NCSR is creating products - iteratively tested through pilot studies to determine effectiveness, through evaluation and learning to be shared with others.

NCSR sub-groups, example spotlight - the strategic comms group as a strategic place for collective problem solving and action. Specifically how we solve the challenges of communicating with the public on matters of risk, to facilitate self protective behaviours.

NCSR offers a supporting and psychologically safe environment for collective sharing and problem solving, we can raise challenges and complications.

The academic expertise from The University of Manchester and Prof. Duncan Shaw and the team, adds a massive point of connection between science, policy and practice. This link has never been stronger before in the aspects of UK National Resilience. This enables to take a systematic, informed approach that’s robustly grounded in evidence. This gives us access to resources previously inaccessible. We can then be more informed about how we can utilise these throughout the integrated emergency management cycle to better inform all aspects of our work not just response.

The NCSR helps to maintain momentum for the resilience piece within that LRF emergency / civil contingencies space. It adds structure to our program of work to take on the challenges of resilience.

This is the first of many steps to be taken forward and there’s excellent momentum, enthusiasm, skills, knowledge and shared ambition to take this forwards.

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