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Resource Round Up - Part 5 of 5

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Item 5: this one is for enhancing our strategic risk awareness and national issues of relevance New publication by the House of Commons and House of Lords joint select committee: Readiness for storms ahead? Critical national infrastructure in an age of climate change This report adds further weight to the ongoing rally call for UK resilience to be urgently prioritised by government following years of strategic neglect. This is especially important following on from a series of reports and enquiry publications this past year, which have all added enormously to the weight of the argument. Especially in the context of exponentially increasing, concurrent, compounding and cascading risk and systemic vulnerability. For anyone working in an LRF - this is particularly relevant to us if we turn to chapter 5 – which states very clearly; “Responsibility for planning and responding to such events falls to local resilience forums (LRFs). This chapter considers the role of LRFs in planning for climate-related emergencies locally, and their capacity to do so effectively.” From a comms perspective it’s important to be bothered by this given its potential ramifications and impact on our role and duty to communicate for preparedness, response and recovery. Most importantly that preparedness aspect – currently how many of us would consider it the LRF’s duty to warn and inform the public about the risk of climate change, its impacts and how to mitigate and prepare? and how many of us currently do so? On web: #emergencymanagement #disasterriskreduction #resilientnation #climatechange #infrastructure

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