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The International Security Expo Day 1. Part 1.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

A brilliant day today at the international risk & resilience conference at the international security expo today. Thoroughly enjoyed the guest presentations in particular Firstly Mathilda Jansson - Ecosystem thinking - the key to operational resilience? For me the takeaway which resonated the most was leading by example. Right now I consider this especially pertinent for many of us when thinking about debriefs. A willingness to seek, acknowledge, openly and honestly discuss failures. To look inwardly and ask the difficult questions of ourselves and each other. Laying the foundation for embedding a more transparent and open culture to learn and solutionise together, to move forward, grow, adapt, learn and enhance operational resilience. This for me really made me draw linkages back to the #NoNaturalDisasters conference last week and the brilliant, enthusiastic and inspiring talk delivered on WASH failures. As a sector there is so much more we have to do to enhance this area. To instil a more progressive culture, one that has a safe space to be capable of seeking, acknowledging, taking ownership and solutionising faults and learning. But also not being afraid to fail in the first place, and have the confidence to fail in the pursuit of knowledge, learning and betterment.

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