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The International Security Expo Day 1. Part 3.

Anna-Liisa Tampuu Building resilience and innovation through inclusive security This was a brilliant and well rounded talk, taking through a progressive roadmap journey of each concept and bring it into a complete picture. Anna-Liisa is a very gifted, confident and inspiring woman to watch present. This talk for me really centred on the need to enhance diversity in our operational practises both in creative design, problem solving and learning. Through increased opportunities and accessibility, but also how to capitalise on existing diversities. Inherent and acquired diversity. Challenge thinking, progressive thinking and self reflection, greater inclusivity with diversity. How we can recognise unconscious biases, seek to understand privilege and barriers, diversity in experiences had, and how to remove group think and barriers to new input. This followed on really well from the previous session and again kudos to the program schedule For me this especially raised an interesting question - diversity in backgrounds of those who enter into our sector. Especially at a time when were collectively reaching for better standardisation, regulation, accreditation and training. How much room is there to incorporate diversity still and avoid group think if everyone comes from the same professional upbringing?

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