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The International Security Expo Day 1. Part 5.

Stuart Andrews & Patrick Duggan Reducing the risk of burnout: creative practices of emergency planning and resilience. This is a talk that has hugely resonated with myself and many others. What can I say - I will be going back to get the toolkit today from the Emergency Planning Society The EPS stand and I am now interested to learn more about the development of the toolkit and how it has come to fruition. I am an advocate of disaster science and practical outputs from research and look forward to taking the toolkit for a test drive. Burnout is an ever increase sector wide issue, especially as we stare down the barrel of winter pressures coupled with complex socio-economic risks. To often we can forget we are only human. For me this was the most thought provoking session of the day. Aside from a practical element it presented, it introduced a new perspective - creative approaches from performance and art. For me this inspired a lot of creative thinking. I’m not sure I have entirely comprehended the full linkages and I have a lot more reading and further investigation to do now. But I can see the applications of this in my work for new creative approaches to engagement and risk communication.

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