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UKADR/ DRG joint workshop part 4/6: Discussion II. Collaboration & Coproduction

Discussion II: Collaboration and coproduction.

Chaired by Jess Camburn (ELHRA), with panellists, John Rees (BGS), Demet Intepe (Practical Action) and Andrew Collins, (Northumbria University).

Roundtable exercise 2: to discuss and explore the question

  • Are there systemic challenges for collaboration and coproduction that future funding should consider?

Followed by feeding back to the room one key recommendation for UKADR Researchers & Funders;

The key recommendation from our table; 7

Focus on the ‘so what’ – the real effect of the research, the true holistic value that it brings to the end users - the communities, the lives and livelihoods we serve and protect.

If we start from a meaningful and equitable place of co

-production designed to deliver sustainable benefits in terms of; effect, value and meaning. Focus on looking beyond the arbitrary research impact metrics to the true value that we can bring those we serve to address their needs and interests, then barriers and challenges can be more easily overcome.


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