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National Consortium for Societal Resilience [UK+] - Part 5

Day 2 - Chairs opening - Prof. Duncan Shaw

A brilliant overview of the NCSR journey so far this last year - The production of the strategy, manual and toolkit.

An expert synthesis of theory and practice in resilience, stress tested with 5 LRF partners who then iteratively deconstructed this and developed version 3. This was then refined further in line with user needs to create version 4 - then presented to the whole consortium followed by engagement, and piloted implementation.

The guiding question of - What and how, we can do differently - the early pilots of version 4 started September 2022, developed into version 5 (present) with further refinement and iteration planned, as we progress through the roadmap, to an anticipated final version by summer 2023.

A key early finding is the importance of aligning politics through the resilience partnership - starting at the beginning and ensuring collective alignment in a shared vision and purpose.

This also helped to identify the challenges of alignment, as an outcome of this - NCSR webinars have helped facilitate this discussion and allow partners to share practise and solutions.

This has helped to begin developing toolkits like the business case.

Another important early finding has been the need to not run head first and jump to solutions. The importance of the collaborative journey. Alongside development of shared understanding, enabling partners to collectively develop their own solutions. This will facilitate buy in, sustained participation and fit for purpose outcomes.

This set us up nicely as we then moved into Day 2 as a whole with the intent of looking at how NCSR can translate that national vision into operational practice at the local level for LRFs.

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